Material Guide

We make conscious choices in creating our handcrafted and delicate jewelry collection. Our materials are carefully selected with sustainability and quality being paramount. We work exclusively with Dutch suppliers and are committed to being responsible in our sourcing of suppliers who are reputable and ethical. 

In this Material Guide you can find the details about the materials we work with.


Glass Beads

The tiny glass beads we work with are measuring less than two millimeters in diameter each, carefully selected and sewn together to create a seamless fit. Bead weaving is an intricate and sophisticated work. Therefore we also use premium materials and components for our work. The glass beads are woven using a very thin transparent thread made from ultra high quality polymeric. It is UV resistant and one of the strongest threads available in the market today. 


Gold Filled

We prefer to work with 14k gold fill metal because it is top-of-the-line quality at an affordable price. The material is still little known in some countries, but it's gaining popularity and becoming more widely used a common alternative to expensive pure gold. Gold filled is created by mechanically bonding a layer of gold to a core of brass. Made with 5% real gold (or 1/20 of the total weight), gold filled is a very high quality material which is waterproof, long lasting and durable. It is lead-free and can easily be worn by allergy sufferers.


Solid Gold 

Solid gold is the real deal and does not tarnish or fade with repeated wear. It's the best you can get, but of course comes with a hefty price tag to match.


Gold Vermeil

The gold vermeil structures we use have an 925 sterling silver core, plated with thin layer of real  gold. Low-quality plating or dubious gold tone metals are not used in our products. We should definitely prefer solid gold or gold filled over gold vermeil. However, we offer some items in gold vermeil structures as an more affordable option. For hypoallergenic purposes, our structures are nickel and lead-free. 



Gold differences